20131127 191017 Jpg

Finally finished a personal DIY project today. I was gifted this awesome tote of my favorite Above & Beyond song, Sun & Moon, and I’ve been wanting to embellish it for a long time. I have a ton of fabric lying around. Some cool patterned fabric that I bought in Taiwan years ago and tons of old clothes that I no longer wear, but keep because I think I’m going to make “something” out of it “someday”. I ended up using some of the fabric I got in Taiwan, I believe it is a Japanese or Japanese-inspired pattern. It took a while to do but I am happy with the result. I almost ran out of that yellow thread too haha! Do I need to buy more thread?? Haha no.

I want to make a goal of doing something creative every single day. Whether that is working on a craft project, taking photos, writing in my blog, or something else. Bought a calendar to keep track of that. Create something everyday. Early resolutions.

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