My new favourite music

Before you listen to this song, we want you to drop everything and get in your car. Head to the gas station in closest to your house, head inside, and purchase a pair of sunglasses. They should preferably be under $10, sitting on a tilted, plastic rack. After you make your thrifty, stylish purchase, head back to your computer and press play.

This is from G1Zg4R, my last musical discovery.

British native Adam Curnow, otherwise known as G1ZG4R, became seriously interested in music when he was 14 years old. After listening to different genres and artists, he finally set his intents on Electronic music and started trying out different techniques of mixing together these different tracks and sounds. By the age of 16, he became tired of only mixing other peoples sounds, so he studied on how to make his own sounds. At 20 years old, he now produces tracks and distributes them via SoundCloud, YouTube and his mixes via MixCloud.

See you guys next update!


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