Dash Berlin Feat Shanokee Surrender

Like a thief in the night

I would steal you away if I could

I would steal you away, I would

The passion lies

The passion lies

I’ll never give you surrender

The passion lies



It’s been 48 hours since I’ve been hanging out at the Cleveland Clinic.  They’ve given me huge amounts of antibiotics to prevent and treat the pneumonia.  We’re praying they can have me switched to 100% oral antibiotics soon so I don’t have to either 1) remain in the hospital just to get antibiotics in IV form, or 2) get an actual port inserted and have Home Care come to manage it and administer the antibiotics.

But rewind… the night when I arrived at the Clinic, the halls were empty – just like the night I walked in the doorways knowing I wouldn’t exit with my same liver.  It was such a happy time to catch up with previous nurses like Jackie, Kat, and Chrissy, as well as new (to me) nurses like Krystal and David.

That first night, I was up most of the night getting “admitted.”  Vitals, tests, Xrays, EKGs, assessment by the nurses, waiting on doctors to enter orders into the computer.

Then the past two days have been a lot of meetings with my doctors, a lot of new tests, and a lot of consulting going on.

We now know that my spleen is coming out by July.  Unfortunately, that’s because it’s absorbing all my extra white cells and platelets, as it’s done for all of my sick life. This is the only solution out there for the blood cell problems I’ve been suffering from for the last several months. This has to work.  Please pray with me that the right thing is able to be done.

And then there’s the pneumonia-antibiotic thing.   Please pray I can go to oral antibiotics (vs IV) by tomorrow so I can go home very soon!!


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Exclusive: Deejayexploit, Electro House Dj

My favorite song I’ve discovered recently, is from Deejayexploit a electro house Dj who is on the cusp of doing some great things in this year. Deejayexploit delivers catchy riffs, sticky hooks and leads that are spot on.

Listen to the song:

Over the last few years, rising producer/Dj Deejayexploit has worked on many projects. Needless to say, fans are anxious to get their hands on his upcoming debut album. According to a new post from Deejayexploit, it’s currently in the works, and he has a brand new track to share with the world.

If you are a fan of the electro house revolution, Deejayexploit is your Dj to listen today.