It’s always exciting to see a new collab with a couple of the biggest names in dubstep, especially when it exceeds your already high expectations of both artists. Well, today Circus Records frontmen Flux Pavilion and Doctor P released their killer remix of Dillon Francis‘ “Without You”, featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and it is exactly what you would expect from the … Continue reading

I must admit, classic Flux Pavilion tends to be more my style than recent Flux Pavilion. But the Circus Records co-owner is an integral part of the scene regardless and I would be amiss to completely disregard his newest release. The Freeway EP might not be his finest work to date, but that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

Everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day differently. Some people are going on dates, others are staying at home wishing they had dates, and others are taking advantage of the holiday by looking at the sick new free music getting dropped for the special occasion. Dillon Francis decided to use the holiday as the day to drop his VIP … Continue reading

This is a combination I really wasn’t expecting to see: Jack Beats and Dillon Francis. But let me tell you what, I love both these guys as producers, and together they are something else. I don’t think anyone can pump out filthy moombahton the way Dillon Francis does, and Jack Beats has always had one of the most … Continue reading

If you’ve ever seen Steve Aoki live then  you know that this dude likes to party. He’s got to be one of the most energetic producers I’ve ever seen in a live setting, up there with Rusko as well. So anyone that knows how to throw a great party has a lot of friends, and that’s one thing that … Continue reading

So the great Camp Bisco is later this week, and we’re starting to get really excited. We’ve put together our personal schedule of all the acts we hope to see while we’re in gorgeous upstate New York for the weekend. There are so many great artists at this year’s festival, we just can’t wait!! Unfortunately, as always … Continue reading

Alright, so everyone loves a new one from Dillon Francis. This guy’s great for the same reasons as Diplo, such great diversity in style; so it’s not hard to see why Mad Decent was quick to pick him up. Dillon’s done dubstep, house, moombahton, trap, and pretty much everything in between. Today, we’ve got a moombahcore-ish, dubby … Continue reading


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