Metrik just dropped the filthiest remix i’ve heard in a minute. Barney did a post a while back featuring Ayah Marar’s vocals over Camo&Krooked. Well, shes back again! Her track Unstoppable gets the liquid treatment from Metrik, and it bangs. HARD. His newest original Engine Room is no slouch either, released 2 weeks ago, this track is a tad darker and ditches the liquid sound for an oldschool DnB kick drum. It manages to sound fresh, but maintains the tried-and-true kick-snare DnB signature, and suprises with a tasty dub breakdown at the end.

It’s 1 day until the legendary Eric Prydz takes over Beta downtown, so it’s my duty to include Metrik’s nasty remix of Pryda’s Niton(The Reason). The breakdown stays true to the original track, while allowing the breathing room for the eventual liquid takeover. On a similar note, due to the recent split of the swedes I feel another duty. Thus, here is Metrik and Futurebound in combination for a DnB charged mix of Save the World. It has been featured in numerous essential mixes, and lives up to the epicness of the original track.



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