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Hi guys!! How are you?? My week has been very busy so I couldn’t make new post… But it is the day at last and the sun shine so I want to enjoy the music!

I want to present you an artist I have recently discovered: Christian Kornberg

What do you think???

If you want to know more about this amazing new artist:

Christian Kornberg Facebook


D2D, cool Deep House music.

Today Im gonna show you this music.

The track is called Miini Mix 1 by D2D, I really love how it sounds.

D2D has been making strides in this all too cluttered industry. Producing unique and engaging tracks, D2D has been anything but ordinary as he climbed the ranks of deep house connoisseurs minds, dropping a diverse collection of electro, progressive house, trap, big room and hardstyle tracks.

With such an arsenal of dancefloor-pleasing tunes, we were elated to welcome D2D into the halls of ourblog greatness as our Dj of the month.

Let’s put together a warm welcome for our newest resdient, Mr. D2D.

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The Dj based in Germany called Christian Kornberg, make waves in the music scene with the release of the new tracks. Returning to the source material that made this artist so widely known, Christian Kornberg drop a brand new re-working of the track. Although the track isn’t full of the usual heavy mix of high-energy, electro, and reverberating effects, the simplicity of the gritty beat gives it that old school feel and makes for a complimentary mix.

Take a listen to the flipped video above, and be sure to catch Christian Kornberg. This music will hit several venues for the next tour.


It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Germany based, Temmy. If your memory serves you correctly, which it probably doesn’t after your weekend festivities, we wrote up this artist of electronica act almost a year ago. Something about electro house production caught our ear, and we’ve been hooked ever since.

Just a few days back, I have found this awesome video.

Temmy keep progressing as artist, continually developing the craft. After seeing nice live shows, we can tell you that things are only looking up for this Dj.