Canadian Music Blogs Top 20 Song Faves Of 2012 Part 1 20 To 11

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2013 - 07 - 23


Gold = 40,000 units sold. Platinum = 80,000 units sold. 2x Platinum = 160,000 units sold. 3x Platinum = 240,000 units sold. Etc.

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Romney And Robertson Are Out To Prove God Wrong

Because of the ACA, our business is suffering through lower insurance costs for the first time ever. In spite of staff aging up, our provider has lowered our premium costs. We were accustomed to double-digit increases for most of the last decade. 

And now mom-and-pop businesses that make the sacrifice to provide insurance for their employees will have a more level playing field against those businesses that neglect their moral obligation to their workers. Consider this — if your business model depends on a paying a non-living wage and pushing your workers into the safety net (provided by others), then you are not an entrepreneur; you are an exploiter. To borrow a popular hate phrase: You are not a producer; you are a parasite.

I request that you serve the people of Missouri and reject the politics of GOP obstruction at all costs.

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We Control The Sunlight

Egyptian duo Aly & Fila have produced a follow-up to We Control The Sunlight – one of the biggest tracks of 2011.

Coming Home is their new collaboration with singer/songwriter Jwaydan Moyine Anwar released on the record label Future Sound Of Egypt.

As well as an original mix there is also a remix by Russian duo (and my personal hot tip) Eximinds.

The track is available now on Beatport and will be released on other portals on 25 June.

My guess is Coming Home might just be a contender for track of the year for 2012.

Check it out:

On Friday 2 September 2011, Aly & Fila are hosting a huge event at the Echo Temple in Sharm El Sheikh in a magical location at the foot of the Sinai Mountains.

The state-of-the-art amphitheatre must surely be one of the most amazing outdoor clubbing locations in the world and will be an unforgettable experience for thousands of trance fans.

Aly & Fila will be on the decks alongside John O’Callaghan, Roger Shah, Sied van Riel and others.

“We are very proud to be hosting our 200th celebration of the Future Sound Of Egypt Radio Show in Egypt.  The line-up is really strong, the location is perfect and we are really looking forward to celebrating this occasion with you all.  Huge thanks for your support!” commented the djs on this unique event.

For dedicated members of the global #trancefamily, this one is a must!

This new compilation showcases the latest trance from the White Isle.

There are also 2 outstanding tracks from this year Allure ft. JES – Show Me The Way and Paul Morrell ft. Mutya Buena – Give Me Love.

In all there are 15 top trance tunes plus a dj mix and all for just £4.49.

Head over to iTunes right now to get hold of a copy!

Here are some djs who regularly tweet interesting stuff:


Check them out and enjoy!

This is the new single by Egyptian duo Aly & Fila.

It features rather beautiful vocals by Jwaydan Moyine Anwar.

There is an original version and a remix by producer Alex M.O.R.P.H.

Brace yourself and click play.