The Right Anthem

It’s party time!


Legendary track…

Let’s go one deeper and kick off this edition’s proceedings with one of the smoothest sounding tracks to have hit the internet over the last week. Jaime Hervas is the artistresponsible for this aural delight, and you’d be hard pressed to find a pair of ears that could resist the sweet sounds that emanate from this perfect song.

More info, Jaime Hervas Facebook

Check out how it sounds!

20131127 191017 Jpg

Finally finished a personal DIY project today. I was gifted this awesome tote of my favorite Above & Beyond song, Sun & Moon, and I’ve been wanting to embellish it for a long time. I have a ton of fabric lying around. Some cool patterned fabric that I bought in Taiwan years ago and tons of old clothes that I no longer wear, but keep because I think I’m going to make “something” out of it “someday”. I ended up using some of the fabric I got in Taiwan, I believe it is a Japanese or Japanese-inspired pattern. It took a while to do but I am happy with the result. I almost ran out of that yellow thread too haha! Do I need to buy more thread?? Haha no.

I want to make a goal of doing something creative every single day. Whether that is working on a craft project, taking photos, writing in my blog, or something else. Bought a calendar to keep track of that. Create something everyday. Early resolutions.

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Check This Out!

Today Im gonna show you this music.

The track is called Hardtechno Set by Andj, I really love how it sounds.

Andj has been making strides in this all too cluttered industry. Producing unique and engaging tracks, Andj has been anything but ordinary as he climbed the ranks of hardcore/hard techno connoisseurs minds, dropping a diverse collection of electro, progressive house, trap, big room and hardstyle tracks.

With such an arsenal of dancefloor-pleasing tunes, we were elated to welcome Andj into the halls of ourblog greatness as our dj of the month.

Let’s put together a warm welcome for our newest resdient, Mr. Andj.

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We feel the Music. Do You?

The discovery train makes another stop in U.S.A to adjust our focus towards an artist who creates an enjoyable electronic sound.

Nowadays, when you hear a well-produced track with good sound and lyrics backing it up, you feel like you’ve found a diamond in the rough. When it comes to Fox however, the rough upgrades to a mine full of the shiny gems. I came across the artist from U.S.A a few years ago and after listening to a few pieces, I was hooked.

His style mixes incredibly well with old school vibes, creating a rare melody for those who are lucky to have stumbled across this music.

Check this music by Fox;

Hope you liked it, see you guys.