Coma Soul

Coma Soul is an alias of Mikhail Ostrovskiy – Moscow musician and soundproducer. Coma Soul project has already proved the success with the first self-titled album which was released in May 2014 on the well-known Russian label Pleasure Garden Music. Track Horizon was included to the playlist of the French radio Delicious Music. One of the most successful live-shows was at the world famous party Burning Man Moscow Decompression 14. Now Coma Soul is preparing to release new tracks, working on a new video, performing live-shows in clubs, at parties and electronic festivals.

Easy listening, yes. but very smart too.


Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013 The Best Mud Sludge Party Ever

Right now i’m writing at Yo’ Panino, bizzare place to write. After walking all around Plaza Indonesia for about 1 hour looking for Djournal, i’ve just realized that Djournal is not even in PI. OMG. It’s in Grand Indonesia and I’m now too tired to just walk there. Should I or shouldn’t I?

Well, I think I’ll just write off some words in here and if I still have an extra energy, I’ll go to Djournal. Hahaha.


This weekend has been a pleasant experience for me, due to the extreme legs activity since Friday night. Of course it was a very special Friday because me and my friends have been waiting for it since a month ago. In December 13th 2013 we’re all attending Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013 in Ecopark Ancol. DWP13 is the biggest dance music festival in Jakarta which have a large number of artist line up. Some of the world’s top DJ were liven up the stage that night, including David Guetta, Alesso, Zedd, Breakbot, Flight Facilities, and many more.


When the day comes, we leave office and heading to Jakarta at 4.45 pm. And guess what, it was a very bad bad bad decision. The traffic is insanely heavy and we’re stuck at Sunter for hours, not moving anywhere. My driver said that Ancol is only about 2kilometres away, but we’re stuck due to the large amount of cars heading to Ecopark. Hmm..2K is not a big deal for me, maybe if I walk there, it will only take maximum 20minutes, just like my usual running activity. But, doing the walk under this raining weather makes me hesitating a lot. I told my friends that we could just walk there, and they were all told me to just walk by myself. Hahaha.

But a minute later, 2 young girls passed our cars, running in rain, heading to Ancol. Soon after that, more people passes our car, walking in rain. Such a funny moment for me, because most of them were insisted to wear very sexy clothes. For God’s sake, Everyone, please do not force yourself to throw on a belly cropped shirt if you don’t have a toned abs. It’s so scary you know,…!

Ok, back to the car. Finally we’re all decided to get out of our comfy car, leave away Mr. Sarkam, and run to Ecopark. We just feel that there’s no other option other than running in rain or miss all the concert. Well, it was such a crazy decision, because a minute after we’re started to walk, the big heavy rain comes. Wahahahahaha.

Thanks God that actually the plastic raincoat that I bought for all of us come in handy. Hey yo my friends, my silly idea actually was a really awesome one. If you read this, please admitttt!!! Adel is Super Awesome. Heuheu.

After walking in rain about 20 minutes, finally we found the entrance gate. My heart was pounding fast and i cant stop smiling, so did all of my friends. As soon as we enter the Gate, another surprise show up. Due to the heavy rain, Ecopark actually has became the biggest Mud Park in Jakarta. Just to walk to the stage took really huge effort. My legs is still cramping a lot now.

Well, I think, we cannot call this year DWP as a rave party, because there’s no sands nor beach. I myself prefer to call it Slum Party, because everyone looks like their going on an outward bound, considering mud all over their body. Wahaha.

We reach Garuda Stage at 00.30am and of course we’re already miss out Flight Facillities & Zedd. Huaaaaaa. Yah yah.. I’m really upset, but let’s just forget it because Alesso is entering the staageeee! Aaaaaaaa!

And after that, David Gueta brotheerrsss!

It was a super awesome night, yes it is. And it feels like dream. I’ve never been to a rave party as big as that. Hmm.. actually I’ve never been to any rave party before. Hehehe. Despite the sucks toilet and the heavy mud, DWP 13 is the best night of this year 2013.

But I have this last thought for my dear friends, to feel the euphoria of being in the crowd, we have to be ‘right in the middle’ of the crowd dear, not ‘behind’ the crowd. Feel the excitement, scream, jump, put your hands up in the air, no need to be ashamed, and never hold yourself back. It will guarantee the party climax indeed.

That all for now, see you in Dance Signal. February 2014 is coming soooon.

Alesso THE KING!!!!! *knees bend

Mafia Kiss Breaks Bootlegs

New miami bass booty from the don Icey!

I know we been a bit quiet but we still here. Gona just drop a bunch of stuff on you guys over the next few days.

I ? diplo.

Couple of new tweak things for yas..